Here are the best 11 places to visit to escape the Christmas madness

Some people are all about short days, dark nights and the winter chills that make a traditional British Christmas, but other people love to escape to the sun during the festive period.

But other people would way rather be sipping on a cocktail and leaning back into a sun lounger. Winter is a long slog for those that like it hot, so a winter break could be the perfect option.

So, for all you sun seekers out there, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to escape the winter chill this year (and maybe the years that follow).

1. Bahia

Temp in December: 24°- 30° c

Located on the Atlantic coast, the fifth largest state of Brazil

Rich in history and beautifully warm, this picturesque setting is a perfect place to catch some winter rays. The lush green foliage of the Atlantic Rain Forest leads to rivers and swamps that run towards the ocean.

So why not take a trip down The Coconut Coast while your family is fighting about what Shrek film to put on?

2. Dominican Republic

Temp in December: 22° – 29° c

Runaway from the Christmas rush with a trip to the slow-paced, relaxing atmosphere that the Dominican Republic naturally exudes.

This vastly varied landscape provides a variety of things to do: stroll across a white sanded beach, dance the night away to merengue in the city or take a hike through lush vegetation—without a Brussels sprout in sight.

3. Mexico

Temp in December: 21° – 28° c

Ancient civilizations and Spanish influence have shaped the look and feel of this Central American destination. This rich cultural area varies, but the beautiful location makes it a place that you have to visit.

The weather leads to an outdoor lifestyle all year round, so there will never be a shortage of things to do. Grab a snorkel and spend December 25th exploring the Caribbean reefs.

4. Bora Bora

Temp in December: 25° – 30° c

Swap white snow for the white sand of a turquoise lagoon in French Polynesia.

Celebrating Christmas here is nothing like in the UK. Instead of stuffily sitting at your parent’s house and making small talk with your family, you could be touring the sea on a boat or topping up your tan.

Expect sun, fun and the best seafood of your life.

5. Maldives

Temp in December: 25° – 29° c

Dip out of the cold with the tropical monsoon climate of the Maldives.

Its location means it’s sunny all year round—perfect for those of you who’ve got the blues now that the clouds have rolled in.

As an archipelago, there isn’t a shortage of coast for you to explore. Each of the country’s 1200 islands and islets are dusted with white sand and framed by the enchanting blue of the Indian Ocean.

 6. Kerala

Temp in December: 23° – 31° c

Tucked away at the bottom of India is Kerala.

Contrary to Indian cities, there is a more relaxed way of life here—ideal if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Strut down one of the 600km of pristine beaches this December.

7. Bali

Temp in December: 23°- 27° c

Bali, in Indonesia, is an explorer’s paradise.

Whether you’re a diver, hiker or a beach bum, there is a multitude of places where you can indulge yourself. December is the wet season in Bali (sporadic rainy spells), so be sure to take a waterproof and some decent shoes if you do plan on hiking.

Ditch Santa and go on your own Balinese adventure.

8. The Gambia

Temp in December: 12°- 31° c

After just a 6 hour flight, you could be sunning yourself in The Gambia this Christmas.

While the beaches may not be as picture-perfect as Kenya, the welcoming nature of the Gambian people will more than make up for it.

Sample some of the exciting nightlife or soak up a bit of local culture.

9.  Laos

Temp in December: 15°- 29° c

It’s around this time of year that Laos comes out of its low season (where temperatures hit their mid-40’s —awful for tourists) so expect pleasantly warm weather and the taste of something exotic.

Laos combines the best parts of South Asia: picturesque areas of undisturbed land, cultural riches and delicious food. While there may not be a beach, you’ll be sure to have Christmas to remember.

10.  Australia

Temp in December: 22°- 27° c

Really make your family jealous this winter and swap the predictable English drizzle for the balmy beaches of Australia.

While some areas down under are tucked under a light blanket of snow, places like North Queensland are still enjoying the sun.

With the sea still warm enough to swim in (and stingray free!) your bobble hats can remain firmly in your draw and you can splurge on a snorkel or two.

11.  Antigua

Temp in December: 23° – 26° c

Central in the Leeward Island chain in the Eastern Caribbean, Antigua is a postcard island of beaches, docks and palm trees.

The coastline of this beautiful island is vast and winding. A trekkers dream, you’re never far from a long walk through the bush or a secluded, white-sanded beach.

Snow is over-rated; escape to Antigua to feel the sand between your toes.

Escape the big freeze this Christmas and hop on a flight for a holiday.

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