Here are the best marathons to sign up to around the world

If you’re not content with pounding the streets of the UK, then maybe it’s time to try some international marathons.

Stack up your air miles and head abroad for a run like no other, here’s our top picks of the best marathons in the world:

Great Wall Marathon

Probably not one to sign up to this year, however if you’re after a real challenge then this is definitely one for next year! Widely considered as one of the world’s most challenging marathons, the Great Wall Marathon will be a real test of your strength and endurance. As well as battling the hot and humid temperatures of China you’ll also be faced with 5,164 steps up one of the world’s most famous landmarks. Whilst the run will be taxing, the views of the surrounding villages and countryside will stay with you forever.

Jungfrau Marathon

Be warned, this marathon is highly sort after and sells out quickly! Be on the ball and sort out your registration quickly so you don’t miss out on one of the most beautiful marathons in the world. The picturesque run is highly demanding and challenging on your strength, grit, and determination. Really, no amount of uphill training can prepare you for the tremendous trail ascents which lead you to the approach of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau Mountains. Once you reach the top, you are greeted with an unforgettable panoramic view, which makes the run even more rewarding.

Sparkasse Marathon

This Marathon doesn’t just offer you one picturesque country, it offers you three!  You’ll start off in Lindau, Germany, head through Austria and take a quick pit spot in Switzerland too. Runners will be pleased to know that this race is mainly flat with beautiful sights of Lake Constance as well as detours through reeds and woods.

Niagara Falls International Marathon

This is another Marathon that takes you cross country! Starting in Buffalo, you’ll make your way over the iconic Peace Bridge, crossing into Canada, and then you’ll head into Niagara Parkway where you finish off the race in front of the beautiful Niagara Falls. Sounds beautiful, right?

Standard Chartered Bangkok

November in Bangkok is extremely dry, with temperatures rising to around 31°C in the day, so runners will be pleased to know that this endurance race starts in the middle of the night—around 2am in the morning! The marathon starts and finishes outside of Thailand’s most monumental landmark, The Royal Grand Palace, and the course will take you past many historical landmarks, as well as cultural and ethnic communities.

Antarctic Ice Marathon

If you’re after a serious thrill and adrenaline rush, then you’ve come to the right spot. Marathons don’t get more adventurous than this. Antarctic Ice Marathon is the coldest, windiest, driest and most southern run of them all—you’re so far south even Penguins don’t live here. The underfoot conditions are obviously treacherous, with an average wind chill temperature of -20°C at an altitude of 700 metres—definitely not one for the faint-hearted.

Have we missed any other incredible marathons from around the world? Let us know in the comments.

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