Hotlist 2020: revealing this year’s go-to destinations

We’ve created a travel hotlist with five of this year’s most go-to destinations to tell you why you should be seen there in 2020!

Waiheke Island

Where: New Zealand

Why it’s made the hotlist: As soon as you hop off the ferry from Auckland you’ll be surprised by how much you can get up to on this small island in the New Zealand archipelago. A combination of great food, local fine wine, amazing scenery and friendly locals will make you wish you could stay forever.

25 miles of beach border the lush greenery of the island and can safely be named as its biggest draw. To partner the beachy scenery, Waiheke is blessed with a subtropical microclimate. During the summer, tropical flowers bloom, and the winters are no way near as harsh as those on the mainland.

Whether you make it a quick stop on your trip through NZ or a weeklong stay; you’ll never be short of things to do and see on this beautiful island.


Where: Montenegro

Why it’s made the hotlist: Kotor is Montenegro’s bayside beauty. The old Mediterranean trade port is steeped in a rich history which can be seen throughout the medieval town. It’s this that has earned Kotor its UNESCO World Heritage Site Status.

But it’s all about the past in this gloriously sunny town. The bay’s waters provide a host of activities for the thrill-seekers and a delicious dinner for the foodies amongst you. Throw into the mix the natural wonders of the nature that calls the cliffs surrounding the bay home…

We’re dying to explore Kotor already.


Where: India


Why it’s made the hotlist: Known until 2005 as Bombay, the city of Mumbai is a bubbling pot of intrigue and diversity. Prepare yourself for bustling streets full of energy.

One of the huge tourist hotspots of this bustling metropolis is the colonial-era architecture found in the south. As breath-taking as they are they shouldn’t be your only stop in Mumbai. Shoppers will take delight in knowing that the city is a great destination for those with a love of designer labels. Jimmy Choo and Gucci stand alongside home-grown favourites such as Rohit Bal in the infamous High Street Phoenix shopping mall.

During the evening, ditch the beaten track and visit some of India’s best restaurants – it is the foodie capital! The limitless nightlife across the city will keep your itinerary fit to burst throughout the duration of your stay.


Where: Argentina


Why it’s made the hotlist: Student haven Córdoba is known as La Docta for its many universities and academic institutes… and we know how students love to party! The younger demographic makes for a lively atmosphere no matter your location.

The city brings old and new together in a clash of bustling bars and 17th-century ruins. 2006’s Cultural Capital of the Americas is also full of delights for the mind. Four stunning art galleries showcase a variety of different styles of artwork for you to peruse during the day, and the evenings are filled with reasonably priced drinks, delicious places to eat out and, later on, a thumping baseline.


Where: Hungary


Why it’s made the hotlist: When in Budapest, top of the activity list has to be indulging in a traditional Hungarian bath. The city has held the title of the “City of Spas” since 1934, as it has more hot springs than any other European capital. Locals usually enjoy their medicinal baths with a game of chess!

But the city isn’t all hot water. The wide variety of architecture found in this riverside city is awash with culture. Explore the gothic Fishermen’s Bastion, a 100-year-old monument built to commemorate the fishermen that used to protect the city. Not only are the views amazing, but the restaurant inside the restaurant serves up delicious local cuisine in a period setting.

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