Indian Subcontinent: what do you think?

Readers give the lowdown on their favourite places on the Indian Subcontinent.

India is the craziest, most exotic, accepting and addictive place I have ever been. If you’re looking for culture, India is the place to go. People of all religions, ethnicities and beliefs live side by side in a sort of chaotic peacefulness. Colours jump at you from all directions and noise batters your eardrums and pulls you into the strange hypnotic heartbeat of life in India. So many people and so many sights will leave you exhausted, frustrated and amazed all in one breath. All I know is I would go back there tomorrow if I could.

On Independence Day in Mumbai in India 2009, the Mumbai local government and local graffiti artists teamed up and gave out free paints to anyone interested in painting the 3km railway wall running between Matunga and Dadar stations. Our Indian friends invited us to join them on our second day in India. It was a great day and a wonderful example of how welcoming and creative Mumbai is.

Natalie Hough,
Natalie Hough

India is a place like no other. It is a poor but happy place and I‘ve never had so many near death experiences in my life! India is a challenge; the food, the culture, the heat and you experience life as a local – slumming it on the trains and zooming around in a tuk tuk. Bartering is so much fun, and the locals love the challenge of it all too!

The camel trek in Jaisalmer was a highlight. Two days galloping across the desert (who knew camels could run?), sleeping on a sand dune under the stars India style – no tents or covers, just a sheet and the sand. It was terrifying but amazing.

Abbie Parker,
Abbie Parker

Nature is at its sublime best in the Maldives. It was very beautiful and surreal – the perfect place for new couples. The food was amazing, especially the fresh seafood! The locals were very welcoming and friendly. We have travelled to many places but have never experienced beauty of this kind before.

Nabeel and Neema,

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