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The Maldives is generally regarded as an exclusive high-end tourist destination offering luxury and private holiday experiences. Yet one of the best-kept secrets of the Maldives is in fact local travel—a more affordable alternative to a resort style vacation that allows you to discover the real Maldives. With an ever increasing number of tourists choosing to travel local and looking for unique holiday experiences.

Why choose local travel in the Maldives?

Think white sandy beaches and sparkling tropical lagoons fringed with coconut palms. A local island vacation ticks many of the boxes of a typical resort experience, but has the added bonus of an authentic holiday rich in culture and experiences. Embarking on a local island tour not only offers a more affordable price tag, but also means discovering inhabited and untouched islands.

Travel local and you are destined to access many places most tourists will simply not get to see. Cruise between islands on board a local ferry and be graced by the true natural beauty of the Maldives. Wander the sandy roads of each island and discover the Maldivian way of life. Gain real insight into Maldivian culture by tasting traditional foods like hedhikaa – afternoon tea and learn a little of the local language, Dhivehi. Relish the perfection of uncrowded beaches and beautiful tropical temperatures. Island depending, it’s possible that you may just find yourself to be one of just a handful of tourists staying at a particular island at any one time. Staying local means there are also options to enjoy private sandbank excursions, fishing, snorkeling or diving trips, dolphin sunset cruises or full days of adventure activities.

How can Secret Paradise help with your Maldives travel plans?

Secret Paradise is an expert local travel and tour company in the Maldives, established in 2012. Our team specialises in providing unique and fun holiday experiences for travellers of all ages.

Whether it’s an adventure holiday you are looking for or a cultural tour, Secret Paradise will ensure that you gain the very most out of your Maldives vacation. Trips and tours include guided cultural adventure tours, diving and snorkeling packages, yoga retreats and daily excursions. Our team will help you to select a trip that’s right for you and your holiday budget. Here at Secret Paradise we aim to ensure that your special time in the Maldives is the perfect trip of a lifetime.

Advantages of travelling with a local guide to discover the Maldives

Embarking on a Secret Paradise Tour with your own personal Maldivian guide ensures that your trip is fun, authentic and gives you real insight into local Maldivian life. You will gain personal and professional insight into Maldivian culture, history, traditions, food and language, fused with the exploration of picturesque islands. Travelling in the Maldives with a local guide also allows access to unique encounters that most tourists will not experience. These include spending time with local NGO Save the Beach and dining in the home of a local family.

As the leading local tourism operator in the Maldives, the knowledge of our Secret Paradise guides is second to none. Our guides combine rich cultural insight and fun into every Secret Paradise holiday experience. Your English-speaking local guide will allow you to discover the ‘real’ Maldives in a memorable way and will answer any questions you may have along the way.

As one guest summed up her experience ‘travelling with Secret Paradise was like travelling with an old friend. I learnt so much more about the country and its people and it has left me feeling that I want to go back and explore some more!’

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This article was in partnership with Secret Paradise.

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