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Amazing, diverse… Palestine’s a wonder to visit

Palestine is a fascinating country to visit. It forms a unique and colourful backdrop to different personalities and religious backgrounds. This land is at the crossroads of history where profound beliefs and ideas have been realised. 

Whether you are on your gap year, or on a long summer break, touring the region or still in the early stages of planning your trip, we hope you consider Palestine as a potential stop on your journey.

What to do on your visit to Palestine

New programmes are becoming increasingly popular, especially for extended stays.

  • Extended home stays, volunteering and internships programs
  • Language courses and foreign exchange programmes
  • Hiking and nature trails, cultural and musical festivals
  • Connect to your faith and explore the land of Christianity, Islam and Judai
visit palestine

Discover Palestine

From its hospitable people and rich cultural heritage to its beautiful landscape and diverse cuisine, Palestine has lots to offer besides its many shrines, churches and mosques.

Whether you are visiting Bethlehem, Jerusalem or Ramallah, chances are there are several cultural events taking place on any given day. Dine out at some of the most famous oriental restaurants and truly experience Palestinian cuisine.

Take a hike and discover Palestine’s natural heritage and explore its diverse flora and fauna. Be sure to visit one of the many souvenirs shops and check out the rich variety of local arts and crafts to choose from.

To find out more about this amazing city, visit

Please visit the FCO website for up-to-date information before making any travel plans.

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