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The M&H (Milk and Honey) Distillery is Israel’s first whisky distillery, founded in 2013 by a group of friends: whisky-loving start-up entrepreneurs who decided to make their dream of a world-class Israeli single malt whisky come true.

They joined forces with the late Dr Jim Swan, a world-renowned master distiller, who also consulted several leading distilleries in the world. He served as a professional consultant and guided them throughout the setup process, formulating the recipe, specifying the equipment and selecting the raw materials. Following this the casks are selected after a meticulous screening process and with thought and planning for years ahead.

The Israeli distillery is located in Tel Aviv, Israel’s cultural and culinary hub, a rare combination of ‘old’ and ‘new’, an urban puzzle of preservation and innovation all at once. Tel Aviv is certainly the right place for an adventure, as it has so much to offer—vibrant people, delicious food, crazy nightlife, wrapped in a feeling of freedom, imagination and expression.

That is why M&H distillery is a part of this city. They are located near the Jaffa flea market, just a short distance from the beach. This young and dynamic environment serves as the ideal background for their dream: creating top quality single malt whisky—according to worldwide standards.

The M&H Distillery are dedicated to genuine artisanal manufacture and committed to maintaining the highest standards. The ingredients, equipment, barrels and production process are all carefully managed to ensure a true top-shelf, world-class product.

At M&H, they combine science, technology and skilled handiwork to make the process a pioneering force in Israel.

The M&H Distillery’s Visitor Center is perfect for original, personalised experiences. They offer distillery tours for individuals and groups. During the 1-hour tour, you will learn about the history and process of distillation, walk through the various stages of spirit making—from grain to glass—and finish with a guided tasting of their creations.

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Israeli distillery

Their very own commercial single malt whisky will be ready at the end of 2019, until then, you can enjoy the spirits, all 100% single malt:

Young single malt

This special edition of the young single malt series is the last before their commercial single malt whisky debut. It is a preview of classic whisky, with characteristics that will reflect the future single malt. This young double cask: ex-red wine (STR) and ex-bourbon, aged for only 12 months, tells a unique story of time, climate, wood and fine ingredients.

Levantine gin

The gin starts as a single malt new make, then mixed with a heap of juniper and botanicals, hand-sourced from Tel Aviv’s Levinsky market: hyssop, lemon peel, orange, chamomile, verbena, cinnamon and black pepper.

Israeli distillery

Oak-aged gin

The Levantine gin rest in ex-red wine barrels for a few months in the distillery cask room.

Roots herbal liquor

This is a special herb liqueur that was crafted in honor of Israel’s 70th anniversary. Seven known people from diverse cultural and professional fields were asked to choose an ingredient that represents the essence of Israel for them, they chose: almonds, savory, coriander, jasmine, tarragon, thyme and cardamom.


16 HaThiya St.
Tel Aviv-Yafo Israel

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This article was in partnership with The Milk & Honey Distillery

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