5 of the most underrated U.S cities to visit on your gap year

The purpose of a gap year for many is to explore and experience something new. So what better than a tour of cities in the U.S that don’t get the exposure they deserve.

5: Telluride, Colorado

Like a city of yesteryear, Telluride in Colorado feels like a blast from the past. But you shouldn’t let that worry you; there are no uptight stiffs. In fact, it is actually known its mellow U.S natives. As a former mining town, the area is surrounded by natural beauty, with the San Juan Mountains in view as far as the eye can see. There is also the breathtaking Bridal Veil Falls and areas where it possible to engage in fun outdoor activities like skiing, hang gliding and kayaking.

If you’re looking for some star power, the area also attracts A-listers to its film festival.

4. Savannah, Georgia

Established in 1733, Georgia is the oldest city in Georgia state and has retained its old fashioned manners. It is a hotspot for visitors due to its attractive Victorian buildings in the Historic District downtown, which also boasts 22 park squares.

It also has within its perimeters the third oldest synagogue in the US, the oldest historical society in the south and was home to the creator of the Girl Scouts of America, Juliette Gordon. For those looking to step into American history, this is the place to be, especially as you will be welcome. They don’t call it ‘The Hostess City of the South’ for nothing.

3. San Antonio, Texas

It may, a few years ago, jokingly used ‘Keep San Antonio Lame’ as its unofficial slogan, however, lame it is not. With down to earth locals, many world-famous attractions like The Alamo and a plethora of bustling places to eat and drink, San Antonio is definitely shaking off its earlier reputation of being Austin’s boring little brother.

2. Charleston, South Carolina


Like Georgia, the south of America prides itself on its hospitality and has won many accolades due to its citizens’ commitment to promoting politeness and friendliness.

When visiting one will notice straight away how intact its historic buildings are, which gives off an old timely feeling. Complementing this, the city hosts many fairs and festivals. The Spoleto Festival USA is renowned across the country due to it bringing in more than loads of different type of artists and performers over a 17-day period. So head down, say your pleases and thank yous and have a nice, wholesome time.

1. New Orleans

It’s no surprise that such a lively, vibrant city breaks into the top five. With a heady mix of European influence, the city also was where jazz was born, giving it a very distinct identity and appearance. It even has its own language, Louisiana Creole.

Every year, people flock to the city to enjoy festivals, concerts and other ways to lap up other forms of exciting entertainment. The highlight of the New Orleans calendar, though, is definitely Mardi Gras—a big carnival where people celebrate the day before Ash Wednesday where Christians begin fasting.

What U.S cities would you recommend visiting? let us know in the comments.

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