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Live the American dream—au pair during your gap year!

Want to work in the USA but lack the elusive green card? Square AuPair has the answer: a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend your gap year being an aupair in America under the J-1 Visa Scheme! Their exciting programme combines travel, earning money, having fun and studying—what more could you want?

Experience American culture first-hand

You will live with a ‘host family’, a carefully screened American family, matched to your preferences. You will stay with them in their home and become part of their family—you’ll eat with them, travel with them and take on the role of big sister or brother in the family! Your host family will provide you with food and board in return for you helping out with their children. You’ll have your pick of families in various locations across America—from an urban residence in uptown New York to a rural base in the Carolina countryside or a beachfront Californian residence… you decide where you’ll spend your year.

‘Being with my host family I realised how much I grew up… special thanks also goes to the agency Square AuPair which allowed me to have this experience but above all helped me in finding what is for me my ‘second family’!’

Beachside bliss or urban chic? The choice is yours!

Earn money as an aupair in America

In return for helping your host family with childcare duties, such as taking the children to school, preparing their dinner, playing with them and helping with their homework, you’ll be paid just under $200 per week—earning a massive $10,000 over the course of the year.

aupair america
Help your American host family with childcare


Your host family will contribute up to $500 towards your tuition fees, so you can study in an accredited US college during your stay. From photography to politics, journalism to fashion… pick a course of your choice and experience a unique taste of USA student life! Make friends for life and enhance your CV—no other scheme offers an opportunity like this!

Make new friends for life!

Travel the USA

With two weeks paid holiday during your year and the opportunity to spend a whole month travelling at the end of your placement, you’ll have ample opportunity for experiencing all that America has to offer. The country is your oyster—will you choose to spend spring break in Florida? Christmas in Central Park? Summer in San Francisco? You decide where your adventure takes you!

aupair america
Experience all that America has to offer!

The complete package!

Square AuPair have thought of everything: free round-trip flights to America, a comprehensive training programme at an au pair training school in Connecticut, medical insurance and 24/7 local support at all times during your adventure. So let IAPA-accredited Square AuPair take care of the arrangements whilst you sit back and enjoy your experience!

aupair america
Enjoy your USA Adventure!

For more information on this once in a lifetime opportunity to aupair in America, visit the website, email or call 01932 460138. What are you waiting for? Start planning your American adventure today!

This article was in partnership with Square AuPair.

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