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Enjoy an experience of a lifetime with Dolphins and You

It was almost 17-years ago, that Richard Holland, owner and founder of “Dolphins and You”, arrived in Hawaii after service to his country with a tour of duty in the U.S. Navy and then a subsequent long-time residency in Japan. 

Richard arrived in the Islands with his family and discovered, amongst a myriad of other joys and treasures of Polynesia, and of Mother Nature, the dolphins, “Nai’a or Angels of the Sea ” in Hawaiian.

Dolphins are mammals that can hold their breath for up to 15-minutes and dive to depths in excess of 70-feet. These super-intelligent, friendly and playful creatures travel in large pods entertaining those around them by launching themselves upwards of 30-feet into the air. All of this prompted Richard to start-up his sail, swim, and snorkelling dolphin tour company, “Dolphins and You”.  He was immediately transfixed and captivated by these highly intelligent mammals. The more that Richard learned about dolphins in the wild, the more he wanted the rest of the world to experience this treasure. 

Dolphins Swiming
Watch dolphins in their natural habitat

“Dolphins and You” has evolved over the years to become Hawaii’s oldest and most prestigious dolphin sail, swim and snorkelling adventure. We’ve served over 200,000 guests, from around the world.

Our guests are shuttled in our two new, luxury coach-buses from their hotels in Waikiki to the furthest, most remote corner of the island of Oahu, and to our brand new 40-passenger power-catamaran boat, the “ARIYA”. 

The ARIYA catamaran
Travel the seas in style

Then the “Journey of Self-Discovery” begins, as our captain and crew guide you along the western shoreline of Oahu to a remote, sacred bay where the dolphins have been gathering for thousands of years to celebrate their unique existence and idyllic environment.  In addition to dolphins, our guests witness the “honu”, Hawaiian sea turtles, whales (during the winter months), as well as other spectacular, colourful marine life.

A sea turtle and some fish
It isn’t all just dolphins

Back on board, our Captain is grilling up “cheeseburgers in paradise” served on healthy taro buns along with fresh Hawaiian fruits, juices, chips, and tea. Our crew, made up of certified lifeguards, Hawaiian surfers, paddlers, and swimmers, are also entertainers. They dance and teach “hula”, sing Hawaiian melodies, as well as serenading guests with a ukulele song or two. You can even get a henna tattoo!

Boat staff
Learn to hula!

Along the way why not make the most of the water and go kayaking, SUP-ing (stand-up paddleboard) or try our new “water-slide”. Our dolphin tour far surpasses all of our competitors with a never-ending host of activities.

Happy kayakers
Try other activities along the way

We offer our guests a premier ocean tour that is talked about on all the Internet Social Media. Take a look at our “5-star reviews”, written by extremely satisfied customers from Japan, China, Europe, Australia, Latin and South America, and the U.S.  

We hope you choose us as your dolphin tour company during your Hawaiian vacation and enjoy an “experience of a lifetime”. Find out more here.

This article was written in partnership with Dolphins and You

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