Spring Break

Here are 4 of the best Spring Break destinations to visit

For the U.S. student looking to get away from their studies, Spring Break is the perfect way of getting away from it all.

Be it, a relaxing excursion or a complete blowout, there are many great locations in the Americas to get away from it all. Here are our top picks:

Las Vegas, Nevada

When you think of Las Vegas, you think of unbridled debauchery. Well, this may the case for some holidaymakers but it’s not like that for most. Instead, it’s just a place to let off some steam in a perhaps seedier than average way. There are many clubs that alter their prices and facilities to cater to the student market and many nightclubs like Ghostbar don’t charge if a student card is shown at the door.

There are also loads of affordable hotels in the area like the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino and it’s best to book ahead. Those looking to spend the day at a pool party will need to look no further than Encore Beach Club, which is sure to fulfil all your needs.

spring break
The famous ‘Welcome to the fabulous Las Vegas’ sign 

Cancún, Mexico

North Americans often head south to Mexico during the spring season due to its party atmosphere, and the capital of the scene is Cancún. In the day, you can sample the culinary delights of the seafood on offer, head to the nearby island of Isla Mujeres, or relax on Playa Las Perlas—the nearest beach to the city. For those seeking beauty over close proximity, Playa Gaviota Azul has beautiful clear waters and white sand.

As the night falls, those looking for to party should head to Coco Bongo. It’s extravagant, lively and includes many different types of performers. No two days are the same as there are different music and acts every night.

Spring Break
The beach is where it’s at in Cancún

New Orleans, Louisiana

There’s a charm to New Orleans that you won’t find anywhere else in the USA. Due to its richly diverse cultural history, there is a certain uniqueness to the city—from the cuisine to the architecture. It’s also perfect for those seeking something different from the normal Spring Break mould, but still in the mood for a soiree. The French Quarter, for instance, is home to many a jazz club where one can enjoy a more laid-back environ.

Anyone who wants to turn it up a notch, Bourbon Street’s atmosphere is spirited, with revellers spilling out of clubs after hours which often culminates in a joint singsong. 

Also, be sure to try out the sumptuous Cajun food on offer, like jambalaya.

Spring Break
The bustle of Bourbon Street

Panama City Beach, Florida

As Shakespeare said, “If it hath the word ‘beach’ in its title, it’s going to be a cool city.” And he was right, as Panama City Beach is considered to be the benchmark of Spring Break locations. It has a 27-mile stretch of sandy coast, too, which attracts thousands of funsters all year round. All you have to do is head down and there is sure to be a beach party underway.

As well as this, there is many a grill or seafood shack to taste the delights of the sea and snorkelling is a must if you’re not in the party spirit just yet.

When it comes to a hotspot, then look no further than Club La Vela, which is said to be the biggest club in the USA. With a 6,000 capacity, the venue still gets packed out quite quickly so it’s recommended that one hits it up sooner rather than later. It has 11 rooms, 48 bars and attracts superstar DJs from all over the world.

Spring Break
A typical Panama beach hotel resort

What Spring Break destinations would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

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