Is this the world’s BEST summer job and travel opportunity?

Where did you work last summer? I’ve literally never met you but I’m going to guess that you worked in a job where you had to physically drag your body out of bed to complete a series of unfulfilling tasks for eight hours a day. Jobs don’t have to be like that! I’ve just finished working in a summer job where I was excited and motivated to wake up, where my days were filled with positivity, energy, big smiles and endless laughter!

summer job
You truly will be smiling for nine weeks straight!

You may think that this job doesn’t exist… but it does and would be the perfect start or end to your gap year! The job is working as a Camp Counselor at an American or Canadian summer camp with CCUSA and will allow you to work and travel in North America for up to four months over the summer!

I could go on about camp forever but it’s essentially a job where you’ll get paid to spend a few months in America or Canada, get involved with activities and make friends from all over the world. Some people will teach their favourite sport or activity and some will assist the campers and make sure they’re having a great time—you’re basically getting paid to do what you love in the sun!

Imagine yourself being a part of this!

Camp lasts for around nine weeks which includes accommodation and three meals a day at camp, so you don’t spend much while you’re there. Our latest camps start on 20 June and the earliest camps finish around 15 August but the longer you’re available to work, the more camps can hire you!

After camp, you’ll get paid for your work and can head out on an American road trip with people you met at camp for up to 30 days. Last summer I went to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vegas and the Grand Canyon before finishing with a few days in New York!

summer job
The perfect job and holiday rolled into one

This was all possible because I applied with Camp Counselors USA (CCUSA) who work with over 650 summer camps! They can find a camp for you, based on your interests, or you can pop along to a Summer Camp Job Fair and talk to camps who can hire you on the spot!

This was how I got hired last January! I went to the CCUSA Fair in London where 30 summer camps were wanting to hire people from the UK. I chatted with a few and got offered a job which I immediately accepted—I literally sorted my summer in a matter of hours!

The Job Fairs happen every January and this year they will be in Leeds on 18 January and London on 25 January. I definitely recommend you go along. If you want to go, you’ll just need to complete a short application by clicking here. The CCUSA team can then help you to prepare for the best summer of your life!

summer job
Get hired on the spot!

I’m already signed up for my second summer and can’t wait to return so I might see you at camp!

Tel: 01133912923

summer job
Help make a child’s summer more fun…

This truly is a must-do in anyone’s gap year adventure as I guarantee you will meet someone along the way that has done this and tells you all their stories from camp!

This article was in partnership with CCUSA

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