North America’s best ski slopes for adrenaline junkies

Skiing can be one of the most wholesome experiences you can do, and also fun for all the family, but it can also be an activity for thrill-seekers. If you fall into the latter category but have never partaken in the experience, then it’s time you got to know about the scariest ski runs across the north of America. If this doesn’t coax you into hitting the slopes, nothing will. However, one must remember the most important thing of all: safety comes first.

Delirium Dive in Banff, Canada

With a name like ‘Delirium Dive’, you just know this particular course isn’t for the faint of heart, especially one named after the feeling of madness. So it’s no surprise that avalanche warnings are frequent, and one must have a handful of items (like a telephone receiver and shovel) on their person at all times if they wish to attempt it.

The slope itself is known for being so steep that it has little visibility when you take off from the top. But if you have the guts to take the plunge from this point, you’re in for a high-speed treat. Just watch out for the jagged rocks that are group around.

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S1 in Aspen Mountain, Colorado

Those more experienced skiers will have heard of the ‘S1’—Aspen Mountain’s expert run. Referred to as ‘the dumps’ which is jargon for one of Aspen’s east-facing courses, those who have been down it will tell you of its ‘near vertical’ slope, and entails a 450-metre drop. As long as you can keep your wits about you, and can land jumps, then you’re in for a good time.

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Rambo in Crested Butte, Colorado

Make no bones about it, if you don’t head down this slope with extreme precaution, then there’s a strong chance that you will draw first blood. This is because it is North America’s steepest man-made run. If you fancy hurtling down more than 900 feet at great speed, then you’re braver than most, but also probably more fun.

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