Why Canada is a dream destination

Canada is one big playground for adventure-seekers of all descriptions.  

When you think “Canada”, images of the legendary Canadian Rockies may come to mind. Test your limits with a hike through subalpine meadows to Taylor Lake, a glacial lake that’ll take your breath away, or choose from countless trails that lead you up mountain passes, along crystal clear lakes, through forested wilderness or flowering meadows. Trailheads are everywhere. It’s just a question of finding the one that fits your mood. None are terribly far from Banff where you’ll find creature comforts and local brews and a culinary scene worth discovering.

Getting up close and personal with nature isn’t an option in the Rockies and you’re toughest decision may be which selfie is most likely to cause serious travel envy amongst your friends.

If it’s wildlife of the urban variety that’s more your style, look to Montréal. French Canadians know how to throw a party and you’ll find it hard not to stumble upon one of many summer festivals in the city. Music fills the streets day and night during the International Jazz Festival, one of the biggest of its kind. Osheaga, set on an island just outside the city but accessible by Metro, is “the” music event and boasts line-ups that can’t possibly disappoint.


French Canadians also appreciate good food and you will too. Cheese curds with gravy on fries, known as poutine? Uh, yeah, definitely! Smoked meat with mustard on rye bread? I’ll take some of that too. Montréal offers more culinary adventures than you’ll likely be able to enjoy in one trip.


Canada is packed so full of experiences that we haven’t even had time to talk about:

  • Vancouver, a city set to the backdrop of spectacular mountains and just two hours from Whistler
  • Calgary where cowboy culture comes alive every year during the Stampede
  • Churchill, where you can hop on a huge Tundra Buggy™ to safely view grizzly bears
  • Toronto, Canada’s biggest, and seriously ethnically diverse city
  • Niagara Falls that can be seen from a boat, a helicopter or from behind…No, really, you can literally walk behind the falls

Hope you can come for a visit. It’s pretty wild out here.


This article was written in partnership with Travel CUTS

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