The Golden route of China

The Golden route through China spans over a thousand kilometres and allows you to take in sites from the capital to the finance, technology and transport hub that is Shanghai. The route has it all, taking in China’s esteemed culture, civilisation and picturesque landscapes.


Start your route in one of the world’s most impressive and vibrant cities. Popular tourism attractions include Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the 798 Modern Art District.

golden route china


A relatively untouched tourism spot, Tianjin is a quiet port municipality currently undergoing several urban renewal and city beautification projects. The spectacular colonial architecture and streetscapes are an ever-present reminder of Tianjin’s seafaring history.

golden route china


Characterised by multiple landforms, Binzhou has a branched out maintain range in the south, broad beach in the north east and miles of flat hinterland, a variety of lakes and several rivers rushing into the sea.

golden route china


In recent years, Lianyungang is a rising centre of industry, foreign trade and tourism in east China. Known for its Huaguoshan Shuiliandong attraction, travellers attend this fantastic waterfall to enjoy the beautiful surrounding scenery.

golden route china


Meaning ‘Salt City’, Yancheng was given its name due to its sea salt production and salt harvest fields dating back to 119 B.C. A popular tourism hotspot is The Yancheng National Nature Reserve which provides fantastic views of wild birds where in the summer and autumn alone, nearly two million birds fly through Yancheng while 200,000 water birds live through winter in the reserve.

golden route china


This major port city on the Yangtze River near Shanghai is historically known for its distinctive textile industry. A boat trip along the Hao He River is a popular choice for travellers. You can hire a boat for a few hundred Yuan, which makes for a memorable experience in the evening when the lights come on and the fountains start splashing.


A superpower in not just China but the whole of North East Asia, Shanghai is the largest and most developed city in China. Among an amassment of phenomenal attractions, highlights in this magical city include Yuyuan Gardens, Shanghai Museum and the Pearl Tower, right in the middle of the skyline.

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