5 things you probably didn’t know about South America

Since 1989, Gapforce has been experts when it comes to organising gap years. Our group trips last between two weeks to a year and are really life-changing experiences!

South America is our most popular project and here are a few reasons why…

1. Spanish has been proven to be the easiest language to learn.

Us Brits are infamous for our lack of language skills, but unlike Spain, a few ‘holas’ and ‘gracias’ just won’t suffice!

Therefore, it’s vital to gain valuable language skills while travelling to South America. Our Gapforce programme offers intensive one on one Spanish lessons. But don’t worry, as you won’t be stuck in a classroom; it’s more than likely you will be testing your skills at a local bar!

2. Machu Picchu is the 2nd most popular destination on Britain’s bucket list


Yes, we all want it. That ultimate Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/no filter picture of Machu Picchu which all our friends can jealously like, favourite, share or retweet.

However, to avoid the typical tourist traps, our experienced Gapforce expedition leaders know the best time to reach the sun gate and lead you on this unique, breathtaking trail.

3. An estimated fifty tribes native to the Amazon rainforest have never had any contact with the rest of the world.

The Shuar tribe is one of these remote tribes and you can help protect them. How many people can say they spent their gap year living with an indigenous tribe? You can make it a reality.

4. The poorest children in Ecuador cannot afford to go to school.


A report by the World Bank found the poorest parents in Ecuador cannot afford to send their children to secondary school. Volunteers like you can help change that. Working alongside community leaders, you can help these children escape poverty.

5. Tortoises on the Galapagos islands can live up to 150 Years.


Yep these bad boys can outlive the rest of us and are an absolute must when visiting South America. Yet tortoises aren’t the only attraction to the Galapagos. One can get a selfie next to tortoises, seals or hammerhead sharks—the choice is yours! 

For more information on Gapforce’s ultimate South America adventure see here or check out our facebook page here.

This article was written in partnership with Gapforce

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