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Discover Dominica: the island of paradise and adventure

Are you looking for an island adventure? Or maybe relaxing in nature is more your thing? Dominica could be the perfect place for you! Discover what Dominica has to offer here.

Dominica (pronounced Dom-in-EEK-a, and not to be confused with the Dominican Republic) is a haven for adventure travellers seeking a unique experience that includes: hiking and adventure, cultural events/festivals, diving and water sports, whale/dolphin watching and canyoning adventures. The Nature Island is a spectacular green island of rugged mountains, lush rainforests and rushing rivers in the Eastern Caribbean.

Hiking and adventure

Hiking in Dominica is as diverse as it is breathtaking in this picturesque paradise.

Dominica is the only Caribbean destination with a walking trail that extends the length of the island. The 115-mile-long Waitukubuli National Trail is divided into 14 contiguous segments. The trail leads visitors into the heart of local communities while passing through mountainous landscapes and rainforests, and past rivers and waterfalls.

The Morne Trois Pitons National Park has nearly 300 miles of footpaths, countless streams and waterfalls to make for some of the Caribbean’s most spectacular and enjoyable adventures. The park is an area of significant volcanic activity, which includes the Valley of Desolation, the Boiling Lake, Titou Gorge, and Emerald Pool.

Cultural events and festivals

The annual World Creole Music Festival attracts some of the most renowned musical groups and soloists from the Creole-speaking world to Dominica. The festival is seen as one of the only truly indigenous music events in Dominica and the Eastern Caribbean.

Fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies may recognise several sites on the island. Two of the movies, Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End, were filmed on Dominica.

Diving and water sports

Dominica is rated as one of the top 10 dive locations in the world. Scuba divers can choose from dive sites that feature dramatic walls and pinnacles, pristine reefs, and amazing creatures. Champagne Reef gets its name from the millions of tiny bubbles that continuously emerge from a vast system of active fumaroles on the sea floor, giving the sensation of swimming in a fresh flute of sparkling wine. The warm gas emissions create an environment for vibrant sea life, including exotic species such as seahorses, frogfish and flying gurnards.

Dominica offers many choices when it comes to watersports. Adventuresome visitors can kayak on cool mountain lakes, swim in secluded river pools, tube down the river into the calm waters on the West Coast, or snorkel on pristine reefs.

Whale and dolphin watching

Known as the Whale Watching Capital of the Caribbean, Dominica is the only country in the world where the sperm whale resides year ‘round and is home to at least 20 species of whales and dolphins, including humpback whales, pilot whales and the spotted dolphin. The island’s sheer walls disappear under the sea, creating a haven for whales and dolphins within five miles of the West Coast.

Canyoning adventures

Canyoning, also known as Canyoneering, Abseiling, Kloofing, or Waterfall Rappelling, offers a great way to discover the hidden depths of Dominica while also enjoying the fun and adventure of this exciting water sport.

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