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Tour Colombia, the country that has it all

DE UNA Colombia Tours has been the Colombia tour specialist since 2004.

We have frequently and extensively travelled through all areas of Colombia and still do this during our tours, roundtrips and vacations. This gives us the experience, knowledge and infrastructure to travel and to offer destinations that no other travel agency can match.

Adventurous sports

Paragliding is an upcoming sport in Colombia and very popular among travelers. In most places you can practice this sport like, Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Zona Cafetera but the most spectacular by far is in the Chicamocha Cañon close to San Gil which is also known for excellent rafting, caving, mountain biking and rappelling from waterfalls.


With three mountains ranges stretching through the country, snowcapped mountains and a unique páramo ecosystem, there are endless opportunities for trekkings at high attitude. The abundant diversity in flora & fauna makes it also very interesting for trekking in cloud forest—even trekking in the jungle is possible.

tour colombia

Special destinations

We like to discover ‘new’ destinations and share this feeling with others by bringing them to these special destinations on a tour of Colombia. Most guidebooks about Colombia write just a few pages about the Los Llanos & Amazon area which covers more than 50% of the country!

The northern part is the Los Llanos area (also called the flatlands) and is the best place for spotting animals in the wild in Colombia. This is also where you can observe real cowboy life, working on barefoot at the hatos (farms which hold many cows).

The southern part is the Amazon area where all transport goes by river or by air and here you can stay in Indian communities in their malokas, learning more about their culture and way of living and visit magical unspoilt natural places which the outside world has never heard of.

Besides the above-mentioned activities there is a lot more to do in Colombia. Think of the many beaches, the historic towns and city centres, the salsa, the coffee…. Have a look at our pictures and you will be amazed by the possibilities.

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