Indonesian island hopping

Indonesia is an archipelago, comprising of more than 17,100 islands flung across the Timor Sea. Stretching from Malaysia to Australia, each speck of Indonesia comes complete with its own culture, traditions and histories. With such endless variety, this is an enchanting area, ripe for exploration.

  1. Sulawesi
    Sulawesi is one of the largest islands in Indonesia. With its rugged natural beauty, Sulawesi is a top spot for adventure activities.
  2. Lombok
    Lombok is part of a small island chain called the Nusa Tenggara. It is a popular area with its own unique Sasak culture.
  3. Bali
    Despite its tiny size, Bali is teeming with things to see and do. If you want surfing, head to Nusa Lembongan, or for a bit of culture, the mist-shrouded mountain-top temple at Gunung Batukaru is a must.
  4. Mount Bromo
    Visiting Mount Bromo – an active volcano in east Java – might not sound like a good idea, but this otherworldly landscape is a true Indonesian wonder.
  5. Yogyakarta
    The ancient city of Yogyakarta on the island of Java has an illustrious past. It was once the seat of the Mataram Empire, and today remains the cultural hub of Indonesia.
  6. Jakarta
    Prepare to be culturally shocked. Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia makes no apologies for being intense. This sprawling city is weaved with hidden treasures.
  7. Bukit Lawang
    Bukit Lawang in north Sumatra is an orangutan haven. With more than 5,000 of these famous orange apes living in the wild, what more could a traveller want?
  8. Pulau Weh
    Pulau Weh is a small island located off the tip of north Sumatra. Bathed in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, this is a favourite spot for divers.

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