Three islands worth visiting while you’re in the Philippines

The Philippines’ is a part of the world that everyone needs to see, whether this is on a gap year or a just a holiday, the beauty will leave you breathless. 

There are over 6000 islands of which to choose from, each with different climates and sights. As such, we have narrowed down three islands that you just have to visit if you’re planning on visiting this beautiful country.

Bantayan Island

Our first stop is the secluded Bantayan Islands. If you’re looking for a place to get away from the party, this is worth the reasonably lengthy trip. But I guess you have to travel if you want to spend some time feeling detached from the rest of the planet.

Things to do:

Visit Ogtong Cave on Cebu: as part of the Ogtong Cave resort’s grounds, the underground is a cosy, therapeutic way of spending an hour or two.

Eat at HR Native Restaurant: To sample the freshest seafood that’s cooked in an authentic Filipino style, this is your best bet. It’s worth just to try the prawns that are as big as your plate.

Relax on Beach Placid: There are many beaches to choose from on the various islets, but Beach Placid may be its finest. White sands and clear waters make it an eye-grabbing spot. You can go snorkelling or just simply watch sunrise or set.

Sunset is a perfect time to spend on a Bantayan beach


It recently won an award for being the best island in the entire world, so it must be something right. It may take a complete day to get to the isle by ferry from the country’s capital, but once you’re you there you’ll probably agree that it was worth 48 hours travelling.

Things to do:

Visit the Calauit Game Preserve on Calauit Island: a place of conservation, in this 9,100-acre space you will be able to glimpse almost 2000 different species of animal, including many of the Big Five.

Eat at Badjao Seafront Restaurant: for a view of the lapping ocean whilst you dig into some quality food, this place will live in your memory long after you’ve digested their superb grilled meat.

Be astonished by Puerto Princesa: a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the longest subterranean rivers in the world, this landmark is located in the Saint Paul Mountain Range. This area is bursting with stunning scenery and natural features you’re unlikely to see anywhere else.

Entering one of Puerto Princesa’s many caves, you’re never quite sure what you’ll see


As the granddaddy island, there is much to admire about Luzon. It is where the capital, Manila is located and offers gorgeous natural spaces.

Things to do:

Safely visit Mayon Volcano: it may be a highly active but that doesn’t detract from its beautiful symmetrical shape. It’s best to view from a good few miles away, which is probably for the best just in case it decides to make itself known.

Eat at Spiral: everyone loves a buffet, right? This one, in particular, is a rather upmarket, serving a range of cuisines, such as sushi, skewered meats and Filipino delights like beef tapa.

Get lost in Pagudpud: It will take 10 or so hours to drive from the capital, but when you get to this area you’ll never want to head back. It has beauty everywhere, from the clear sands of Saud Beach to the Anuplig Falls.

You don’t have to be up close to see Mayon Volcano’s majesty in the Philippines

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