Work and travel around Southeast Asia on your gap year with CAMP CHALLENGE

Join CAMP CHALLENGE as an outdoor and adventure camp instructor during your gap year. We offer a flexible work arrangement schedule that allows you to take time off to travel around Southeast Asia.

Experience the outdoors while you earn.

CAMP CHALLENGE would like to welcome students and youths from all over the world on a gap year to join our team of youth camp instructors. We value diversity and appreciate the blend of different cultures coming together.

CAMP CHALLENGE specializes in the outdoors and adventure learning programs for youths, through activities such as kayaking and high ropes courses. Working hours can sometimes be long, so being naturally energetic will be very helpful.

Experience the outdoors while you learn.

Our flexible work arrangement guarantees you a fixed monthly income to support your travel plans to countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Expect a daily allowance of between SGD 70 to SGD 100 and a guarantee of 10 working days a month, minimum. You are free to pursue your own interests during your free time or continue working to save up for an extended holiday to Cambodia! Accommodation is provided at no charge, even while you are away travelling—you will always have a home in Singapore to return to!

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