Thes are the top 10 gap year destinations

One of the key parts of planning a successful gap year is getting your choice of destination right. So, to help anyone heading off on an adventure, we’ve listed our top 10 favourite destinations for long stay travel.


If you want to volunteer as part of your gap year, then Africa is full of some really worthy causes. You could help build schools or teach children whilst gaining skills and experience you will never forget. Whilst you’re there make sure to go on safari.


Made even more famous by The Inbetweeners, Australia is a fantastic gap year destination that should be experienced by all (brave enough to take the long haul flight). Australia really does offer something for everyone with a whole host of different experiences, from snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef to partying in metropolitan Sydney, surfing in Bondi Beach to exploring the Outback.


Looking to add to your CV during your gap year? Then why not take part in a teaching programme in China? You’ll get to explore the country and gain real experience which can help you get a job when you get home.


Europe has so much to offer, you might as well attempt to do it all! Inter-railing is an affordable and easy way to see a lot in a short space of time. Some destinations to consider include Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest, Brussels, Berlin, Prague and Vienna.



If you’re looking for a cultural experience then India is the place for you. Marvel at the architectural beauty of The Taj Mahal, spot tigers and elephants whilst exploring perfect national parks, and relax on stunning beaches in Goa. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you could even trek the Himalayas.

New Zealand

The birthplace of the Bungee Jump, New Zealand is the perfect destination for any adrenaline junkies looking to collect experiences. Try white water rafting, zorbing and bungee jumping, or simply go out and explore the lush landscapes.



If you’re looking for a real experience on your gap year then Peru is worth a visit, simply to tick Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail off your bucket list. Make sure to trek through the Amazon Rainforest and check out the Nazca Lines to experience everything Peru has to offer.


One of the most famous gap year destinations in the world, Thailand is perfect for first time or solo travellers. Its popularity means you will meet a variety of travellers from all walks of life, have a variety of accommodation options and it’s also pretty easy to explore everything the country has to offer.



If you want a gap year filled with variety then head to the USA. You could explore the metropolitan heights of San Francisco and New York, head to Las Vegas or even sun worship in California and Florida.


If you want to visit South East Asia but don’t fancy Thailand, Vietnam is a fantastic and less tourist-heavy destination. Rich in culture, history and amazing beaches, Vietnam is fast becoming a bucket list destination for gap year travellers, plus they have now waived visa fees for British travellers.


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