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These are best places to drink an ice-cold piña colada

Can you imagine anything more perfect than sipping a cool, creamy piña colada while the sun beats down on your shoulders? Neither can we!

And, it’s for that very reason that we have trawled the globe looking for the very best places to enjoy one of these summer cocktails.

La Torre de Marfil, Havana, Cuba

Kicking back to the chilled out Cuban lifestyle can be a bit of a culture shock but, don’t worry, a piña colada will help.

At the La Torre de Marfil, bartenders know exactly how to get you to relax. Instead of handing you a premixed cocktail, you’re given a glass filled with the pineapple and coconut cream… and a bottle of Havana rum! Just add the alcohol as and when you see fit.

Calabash Cove, St Lucia


This honeymooner’s hotspot isn’t just renowned for iconic vistas. The bright and beautiful island destination’s laidback way of life makes it an ideal place to get a cocktail.

Piña coladas are served in a C-shaped bar overlooking the sea. Drink up the views from one of the bars many sofas, while sipping on a cool, coconutty blend from the bar.

John Watling’s Distillery, The Bahamas

The blistering heat and azure blue sea that The Bahamas is famous for simply screams piña colada. Creamy coconut and the exotic zing of pineapple marry perfectly to the island.

John Watling’s Distillery, on Nassau Island, makes traditional, hand-crafted Bahamian rum—and an even better piña colada. The unique flavour of their rum is an amazing addition to this tropical cocktail and gives it a truly unique twist.

Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Playa Norte, unlike the others mentioned, is a beachside town and not a bar. The Mexican island of Isla Mujeres is the postcard destination for those looking for a tipple in the sun.

Grab a glass from one of the many beach bars and enjoy walking to the fringe for the island, where you’ll find powder-white beaches that lead to shallow, warm seas. Sheer bliss.

Barrachina, San Juan, Puerto Rico


While the exact bar may be up for debate, it’s known around the world that the piña colada was created here, in San Juan. Named Puerto Rico’s official drink in 1978 (said to be first invented 15 years prior), we couldn’t talk about the piña colada without telling you to grab one here.

Settle down with a traditional Puerto Rican Chillo Entero and an original ‘colada in the restaurant’s courtyard—you’ll never drink it in the same way again.

Have we missed anywhere out? Let us know in the comments below.

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