These are the top 7 beaches in the world

Everyone loves a good beach. Whether you want to laze about with a book or party with friends, there is something that attracts us to beaches. What’s great, too, is the world is vast, but here are our seven favourite examples of what it means to be a ‘top beach’.

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

7km long and regularly scooping awards for its cleanliness, Whitehaven is a perfect beach to kickstart this list. Its sand is apparently unusual in its inability to retain height, making it perfect for those who can’t handle scorched feet. If you’re a wildlife fan, look out for the numerous animals that are indigenous to the country like goanna lizards and wallabies.

Whitehaven's sand is known for being very fine, thus very comfortable on your feet
Whitehaven’s sand is known for being very fine, thus very comfortable on your feet

Elafonisi Beach, Crete

We love Crete (if you remember our brilliant series a month or so back) because it has so much going on in such a small locale. Elafonisi Beach stands out among other beaches because of its unusual pink coloured sand. The waters complement the pink hues beautifully with their total clarity.

Pink sand in Crete
No one’s quite sure why the sand is pink, but it sure is beautiful

Ipanema Beach, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is famed for its party ambience and this, of course, extends to the beach area of the city’s Ipanema Beach. Although the name of the beach translates as ‘stinky lake’, it is far from that. Expect lively locals, sunbathing tourists and a many a beach bar where you can grab a delicious caipirinha.

There's nothing quite like a beach city
There’s nothing quite like a beach city

Aharen Beach, Japan

Stepping foot in Tokashiki of the Kerama Islands one might be mistaken for thinking they are in Jamaica. With scenery and a climate akin to that of a Carribean isle, the waters are a beautiful shade of blue and the sand is largely untouched. Those who are cat lovers will be pleased to know that the beaches are teeming with friendly felines.

Sometimes a secluded beach is all you need

Beachcomber Beach, Fiji

The Mamanuca Islands are known for their immense beauty and Beachcomber is the jewel in the region’s crown. Rather than the atmosphere of a busy city beach, the shoreline emanates a chilled out vibe, perfect for lazing about and unwinding. It looks like a deserted island and feels a million miles from anywhere else. Bliss.

Beachcomber looks like a deserted island

Boulders Beach, South Africa

If you like hot weather, gorgeous sand and flightless birds, then you’ll do well hanging around Boulders Beach. Close to Cape Town, this area is inhabited by a 3,000 strong waddle of African penguins. The beach is also notable for its warm rock pools and large boulders that have been there for millions of years.

Beaches and penguins—does it get better?

Jacó Beach, Costa Rica

Situated near the European-style city of San Jose is Jacó beach. Known for being an area of Central America that can boast stunning natural spaces, there is lots to do in the area. Whether you want to zip-line, surf or just relax with a delicious cocktail, Jacó beach has it all. Be sure to head into its neighbouring lush jungle, too.

Costa Rica’s commitment means that their beaches are kept in great condition

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