study film gap year

Study film on your gap year with Met Film School Berlin

See yourself as the next Scorsese or Tarantino? Use your gap year to study at Met Film School Berlin and kick-start your career in filmmaking !

At Met Film School Berlin, our practical filmmaking programmes are all taught in English by award-winning industry professional tutors, who have worked on some incredible feature film productions.  Request a free prospectus to find out more.

study film gap year
All aspects of production are covered

About Met Film School Berlin

Our goal is to create the filmmakers of tomorrow through intensive practical training.  Our students are trained to be well-rounded filmmakers: from script writing, editing, producing and directing their own films, TV series and web content.

Met Film School Berlin is based at BUFA, the studio that has been home to film productions since the Weimar Republic and is one of the oldest film studios in Europe! The school’s location enables students to have first-hand experience of a working film studio on a day-to-day basis, and also places them in the heart of this beautiful city. 

study film gap year
Learn in a great set of facilities

YouTube Space Berlin at Met Film School

After Spaces in London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, New York City and Sao Paulo, the YouTube Space at Met Film School Berlin is the latest new venue for the most creative people in Germany, helping to foster creativity, entrepreneurship and partnership with top video creators.  As a student, you’ll get first-hand experience of working in this incredible space.

Six-Month Practical Filmmaking

For gap year students, you can’t get better than our Six-Month Practical Filmmaking programme, which is specifically designed to give you the essential tools to be a professional filmmaker. 

Training covered will include:

  • How to tell a good story and structure a script
  • Professional digital camera operation
  • Light a scene
  • Recording sound
  • Casting a film and directing actors
  • Managing a small crew and directing using the correct on-set procedures
  • Making a documentary film
  • Professional editing software to edit your films and understand the key post-production elements of film finishing
study film gap year
The YouTube space at Met Film School Berlin

Why study at Met Film School Berlin?

  • All of our tutors are industry professionals
  • An extremely high percentage of our students find work within the film and TV industry
  • Filmmaking students write, direct and edit their own films
  • All of our courses are taught in English with an emphasis on intensive, practical experience
  • Access a wide range of the latest, professional facilities including, high-end cameras, sound recording kit and lights
  • International Students are able to work 180 half days per year (four hours a day) whilst studying in Berlin

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