belgium beer tasting

Belgium Beer Days’ beer tasting experience

No, it’s no pub crawl, or just a beer tour, it’s a once in a lifetime knowledgeable beer tasting experience in Belgium!

You know the feeling when you go somewhere and aren’t quite sure if you picked the right places or the right company to have an unforgettable beer experience?

You don’t have to worry about that anymore — your local guides will make sure that your visit to Ghent is more than just a city trip.

belgium beer tasting
It’s time for a sour experience

Start your day with a fun and knowledgeable beer tasting tour, where the local guide, with a passion for beer, will tell you all the tips and tricks you should know about Belgian beers. This will give you a maximum experience of how to treat the beers for the rest of your time in Belgium.

Visit the Belgium Beer Days website for more information and to book your tour!

This article was in partnership with Belgium Beer Days

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