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Got a taste for adventure? Visit Gambia!

Do you love adventure, people, beautiful nature, wild life, sunshine and long stretched beaches? Visit Gambia, West Africa and hook up with African Adventure Tours to explore this amazing country to the fullest!

The minute the flight doors open, the colourful smell of nature combined with the warm sun will embrace and tickle all your senses, immediately wanting you to see and know more about Gambia.

So, why Gambia?

The Gambia has unique qualities for The Gap Year Travel Guide traveler. It is only six hours away from major European destinations – meaning no jet lag and there are no visa requirements! The safe, popular and affordable destination attracts tourists in search of sun, sand, and cultural experience – of which this unique country has plenty.

visit gambia

The weather conditions are great all year round, hitting around 30 degrees, from October till June. From July till September there’s the Green Season, with some showers and lots of sunshine.

The Gambia offers a variety of accommodations, from luxury hotels, self-catering apartments, and guesthouses to upcountry lodges. There are four main resort areas in what is referred to as the palm-fringed coastline, with long stretches of golden sands overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

visit gambia

There are also dozens of camps, lodges and motels in the rural areas which provide basic but comfortable accommodation and food for you on excursions or for those of you wishing to discover the real Gambia.

It’s not just the countryside that’s wild, check out the nightlife. Going out for dinner or clubbing or bar in Gambia, will give you a great time and wonderful experience.

There are many different excursions designed to give you a good feel of The Gambia. There are land-based tours, river trips and mixed excursions. The wild life: crocodiles, hippos, baboons, monkeys, many different birds are just some of the animals that can be seen on these trips through nature. There are also Round-trips to neighboring Senegal.

visit gambia

African Adventure Tours was established in August 2002 as a Ground Tour Operator, and has grown over the years to become the most adventurous Tour Company in Gambia. The excursions are run by knowledgeable Gambian guides, who will make you feel at home in their country, allowing you to create amazing memories when you visit Gambia that will last forever.

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This article was in partnership with African Adventure Tours

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