Here’s why you should tour Iceland on your gap year

Ever wanted to kayak between icebergs on serene glacier lakes or see the majestic caves of Europe’s largest glacier? Step into Iceguide’s world…

Surrounded by mountains, glaciers and ocean, south-east Iceland is the jewel in the country’s crown. Iceguide takes full advantage of this breathtaking landscape, offering summer kayaking trips on the glacier lakes and lagoons and winter ice cave tours on Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier.


Glacier Kayak Adventure in Heinabergslón

Iceguide is the longest-running operator of glacier kayaking tours in Iceland. They run trips at two locations which are as varied as they are stunning.

The much-photographed Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, with its deep blue waters and majestic icebergs, is arguably the most beautiful sight that Iceland has to offer. Paddling gets you up close and personal to everything, from the icy giants to seals and birdlife and is the ultimate way to experience this other-worldly environment.

Heinabergslón is a glacial lake situated close to the Iceguide base at Flatey Farm. The beautiful valley containing a lake and glacier feels very off-the-beaten-path; it is easy to forget that you are just a short driving distance from the main road. Explore this maze of icebergs and even take the opportunity to climb onto one for a short hike!

Stunning surroundings in Heinabergslón

Ice caves

Ice cave tours are only run in the winter and will vary from year to year depending on the meltwater action that creates them. The team has intimate local knowledge and the ethos revolves around showing small groups the best ice caves that are found each year. With such a dynamic environment, each season brings new adventures and discoveries!

Exploring the ice caves

They provide all of the necessary equipment for trips and of course, an experienced guide who will help make this bucket-list experience everything that you dreamed it would be!

How to get there

Depending on your chosen excursion, the meeting point will be either:

Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. Situated on route 1, 80 km west of Höfn.

Flatey Farm. Situated on route 1, 40 km west of Höfn.

Contact information
 +354 661 0900

This article was written in partnership with Iceguide

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