Wanderbus Ecuador reinvents tours around Ecuador

Travel in the coolest country at the centre of the world

The first and only hop-on hop-off option in Ecuador, the Wanderbus takes you on an epic journey from the mountains of the Andes to the jungles of the Amazon and the beaches of the Pacific coast. It’s a hassle-free travel experience that makes the most of your precious time, helps you meet like-minded travellers and brings you closer to local communities and their lives: backpacking Ecuador has never been so easy!

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Live new experiences

Get to remote, natural locations, try new foods and drinks and explore the wilds of the Andes. Birdwatch, bungee, bike, raft, cook, swing, surf… and have fun!

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Engage with the locals

Understand more through experiencing culture, traditions and ways of life. Learn to interact in Spanish and Quichua. Savour typical dishes and wander like a local.

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Travel safely

Enjoy peace of mind with our modern buses, professional bilingual guides, top drivers and the Wanderbus know-how.

The Wanderbus’s 12 different passes allow you to experience Ecuador in the safest, fun and flexible way to date. From as little as $59, you can get to must-see sites and off-the-beaten-track jewels of this enchanting country. For only $219, the Ecuador Wander Pass connects the entire country on a blockbuster loop of at least 11 days.

The Wanderbus’s team of locals, backpackers and globe-trotting experts know Ecuador like the back of their hands. They have crafted ready-made itineraries that tick all the bucket list boxes. And the Wanderbus is flexible, which means that you can use the company’s passes as the skeleton for your own personalised Ecuador tour.

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Wanderbus highlights

   – Trek the Quilotoa Crater Loop
  – Explore the Cotopaxi volcano
   – Ride the Devil’s Nose train
   – Go wild in Baños with dozens of adventures close by
   – Meet rural communities
   – Discover the best beaches in Ecuador around Montañita

With the option to hop-on and hop-off at any one of 18 stops and with convenient pickup and drop-off points, the Wanderbus is the stressless, hassle-free option. And with connections with Peru and Colombia, the Wanderbus is now an essential part of South America travel.

Jorge Vinueza G.

Wanderbus Ecuador facts

   – 12 passes
   – 18 stops across the country
   – Bilingual, professional guide on-board
   – Local and cultural experiences
   – Visits to volcanoes, lakes and waterfalls
   – Adventure activities
   – Free walking tours in Quito
  – Brand-new, mega-comfortable buses
   – Exemplary safety record
   – Best tours in Ecuador

Don’t get left behind! Be wise, travel flexible and board the Wanderbus

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This article was written in partnership with Wanderbus

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