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What to expect from a wildlife safari in Africa

If you have never been on a wildlife safari in Africa before, you are in for a really exciting adventure.

For your first one, Africa is a fantastic place to go, and Kenya, in particular, has some of the most beautiful wildlife parks, national reserves and conservancies to visit which a whole host of wildlife including all the ‘Big Five’ call home. No other type of holiday can offer the same level of adventure and wonder than African Wildlife Safaris. Africa is one continent that holds a particular fascination. From dusty grasslands to lush waterways, Green Mountain forests to snow-capped mountains to mysterious tribes of nomadic people and much more.

There is no doubt that this type of holiday is not the most conventional, but it provides an amazing opportunity to experience nature in its purest element, with stunning mammals, birds and scenery to take in. So to make the very best of your ‘gap year’, grab your camera, pack your binoculars and get ready for a truly unique journey. And before you jet off on the adventure, it’s worth making sure you’re clued up on what to expect.

There is a wide variety of natural beauty on offer
Okavango Delta in Botswana 

See animals in their natural habitat

A safari is far superior to a trip to your local zoo because you will see the wildlife in its natural surroundings; whether it’s watching lion cubs playing on the Maasai Mara plains, or elephants taking a drink from the water springs of Amboseli. These magical moments are all ripe for photographs that you will want to share with friends and family for years to come.

Breathtaking landscapes

No matter where you go, Africa boasts a variety of landscapes ranging from the dry, dusty plains that are trodden on by thousands of animals all year round, to rich vegetation, flowing rivers and the huge lakes. There is also the incredible snow-capped mountains like Mount Kilimanjaro, The Rift Great Valley, Kalahari Desert, Ngorongoro Crater and Victoria Falls to mention but a few.

Skilled safari guides

When going out on a game drive, not only do you want to see the beautiful mammal and bird life, but you want to have knowledge and expertise at your disposal for any questions you may have about a particular creature, as well as being comfortable that you are safe! Your guide will be on hand for this and can act as photographer for any photos you’d like to be in yourself.

wildlife safari africa
Victoria Falls at dusk

Affordable accommodation

When you book, the accommodation available to you is designed to be comfortable and protected with the best views of the savannah, mountains, waterholes and woodland. There’s wide choice, ranging from serene lodges to tented camps, camping sites, with all the necessities easily accessible from hot water showers to restaurants and bars.

Never–ending Variety 

Whether you are a keen bird watcher or more of a lion, leopard or cheetah fan, a safari holiday will ensure you come close to these animals, taste the finest Africa cuisine, and relax on world class beaches. Explore the best of both worlds on a package getaway with game drives as well as a relaxing beach break.

A herd of African elephants
A herd of African elephants

Booking flights to Africa

Flying to Africa is almost as much of an adventure as travelling in Africa.  It’s now becoming much easier to find cheap flights to Africa as more new international airlines are adding daily or weekly service. Go online and you’ll be able to quickly find the cheapest flights on any airline as well as the best days to fly for the absolute lowest price airfare possible.

Africa Safari Classics.

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wildlife safari africa
A gorilla in the rainforest

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