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Create your ideal African volunteer experience with Peas on Earth

Turn your dreams of an African rural retreat into a reality! Peas on Earth is an owner-run small-holding just off the Wild Coast of South Africa. Surrounded by some of the outstanding natural beauty of this country, we offer enthusiastic, energetic gap year travellers an exciting African volunteer experience incorporating everything from abseiling to horse whispering; regenerating the soil, to rejuvenating your soul; learning from others to teaching others to learn.

Visitors to Peas on Earth can choose to participate in any one of our three projects, or combine them in any permutation to create their ideal African volunteer experience. In addition, we organise weekend activities around the Eastern Cape. The Eastern Cape is renown at South Africa’s adventure destination of choice, with everything from bungee jumping and abseiling to close encounters with the Big Five! Are you up for it?

Volunteers on Mandela Day 2014
Volunteers on Mandela Day 2014

Back to the real work… Peas on Earth farm holistically with both plants and animals, meaning you will be exposed to a mutually beneficial ecosystem, which supports a diversity of species, and continuously works to improve the soil for future generations and uplift the people of the present.

Our Permaculture project offers a hands-on experience of traditional growing methods, as well as the concept of food forests, companion planting and many other techniques.  By the end, you’ll know stuff you never even thought you needed to know; like what compost really is, why basil isn’t washed before it’s packaged and why we have a paint brush for our fruit. Not afraid to get dirty? Join the permaculture programme!

If you are more interested in what lives on top of the soil, rather than the soil itself, maybe our Natural Horsemanship project is more for you. Whether you can already ride or have never touched a horse before, this project will expose you to every aspect of caring for, working with and training horses.

african volunteer experience
Working with a horse

This is not a riding holiday – it’s a horse experience – where you will discover how to give a horse a proper pedicure and why Peas on Earth is proud to farm the old-fashioned way – with horsepower and without pesticides. Fancy experiencing natural horsemanship? Find out more.

If community appeals to you more than cultivation or equestrian, Peas on Earth supports our local farm school by providing much-needed extra hands. Farm schools are rural primary schools providing education to some of the poorest people in South Africa. Due to the enormous demands on the government education department, many of these schools struggle to provide enough teachers and resources to provide a quality education for their pupils.

african volunteer experience
Pupils on graduation day

Gap year travellers will assist the teachers, helping the pupils with reading and writing as well sporting activities and learning about growing vegetables in their own little Permaculture garden. Want to uplift our Rainbow Nation? You can do this too.

We work hard at Peas on Earth, with the working week running from 7am to 4pm Monday to Friday. What you get out of this is dependent on what you put in – the more enthusiasm and effort you give the more rewarding you will find the work.

After all that work, we figure you could use a break so we have a range of weekend activities available for you to enjoy. These include a tour of a local township so you can see what real life is like in South Africa; the opportunity to abseil off the cliffs down towards the Indian Ocean; stunning horse rides and hikes along the unspoilt beaches of the Wild Coast as well visits to local beauty spots and guided tours of local game reserves and forest retreats.

african volunteer experience
Horse riding round Morgan Bay

“We are so grateful that you opened your home to us and let us work on your farm thank you for showing and teaching us your way of life.We’ll never forget shovelling cow manure and chopping down trees on the Wild Coast of South Africa.We are bringing to New York, not just tomato chilli relish, but memories to last a lifetime.” Want to hear what our other volunteers have to say?

Everything we do at Peas on Earth grows from a commitment to responsible tourism and results in social upliftment and environmental sustainability so if you also share these goals, whether you want to stay three weeks or  three months, contact us to turn your African volunteer experience dreams into reality.


Peas on Earth
Mpetukop Farm,
PO Box 179,
Kei Mouth
Eastern Cape
South Africa 5260

This article was in partnership with Peas On Earth

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