Looking for a GAP year with a difference? Volunteer in Guatemala

Want to give something back to a local community whilst travelling through Central America? Why not volunteer with Casa Guatemala and make a difference in the lives of up to 250 children!

Who are we?

Casa Guatemala is a children’s village on the isolated shores of the Rio Dulce, Guatemala. We seek to provide a safe, loving and nurturing home, providing proper health care and a well-rounded education to the children of Guatemala who are abused, abandoned, malnourished, or living in extreme poverty.

Casa Guatemala is a registered NGO and receives no government funding. We rely on funds from individuals and groups around the world to provide care for up to 250 children at our village and in the larger community. The majority of these children come from families from the surrounding Mayan villages who live in cases of extreme poverty who, without Casa Guatemala, would have no other access to education.

Enrich the lives of less fortunate children
Enrich the lives of less fortunate children

What volunteer opportunities are available?

We have two volunteer programs to choose from:

Short-term volunteer vacations

Our vacation volunteer program is a great opportunity for travellers unable to commit to a full three month volunteer period. You’ll stay in our Hotel Backpackers and travel to Casa Guatemala via boat, which leaves the hotel at 7:30 am each morning and returns at 4 pm.

Vacation volunteer activities include arts and crafts, reading, helping in the library, English language skills, computer classes, physical education and other opportunities.

Teach, learn and inspire!

Long-term volunteering

Long-term volunteers must stay for at least three months, be at least 24 years old, and have a basic grasp of conversational Spanish. Long-term volunteers live on-site at Casa Guatemala in a special living area exclusively for volunteers.

Responsibilities for long-term volunteers include activities that require consistency and more direct relationships with children. These include providing care and supervision for children who live on-site, teaching positions (English, art, physical education, and more) as well as administrative positions at Casa Guatemala.

Help provide a range of care, from emotional to medical

What are the benefits of our volunteer programs?

• Flexibility – we accept volunteers all year round for varying periods of time ranging from a minimum of 1 week (short term program) to a minimum of three months for a long-term program. We also have opportunities for volunteers staying for a year to help out with roles with more responsibility.
 Variety – our volunteer programs offer positions in childcare, teaching, and medical professions, as well as projects in construction and maintenance, and agriculture.
 A jungle experience – we are located in the jungle of the isolated shores of the Rio Dulce.  We share our home with monkeys, fireflies, spiders, butterflies, snakes and scorpions!
• Lasting friendships – meet volunteers from all over the world to share this unforgettable experience with. Our volunteers often make lifelong friends through our program.
 Valuable work experience – our volunteer program helps you gain skills that look great on your CV.

Make friends for life

Who can apply?

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to apply for our short term (1+ week) volunteer program, and people over 24 also have the option of selecting our long-term (3+ months) program.

No qualifications are necessary unless you would like to apply to become a medical volunteer.  We recommend our volunteers have basic conversational Spanish, however, this is not mandatory.

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This article was written in partnership with Casa Guatemala

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