Become a marine conservationist in Madagascar!

Volunteer with Blue Ventures in their remote research base in Andavadoaka and you’ll assist an international team of marine biologists and field scientists surveying one of the most spectacular ecosystems of the Indian Ocean. Based in the remote community on the southwest coast of Madagascar, Blue Ventures’ diving expeditions offer volunteers from around the world an exciting opportunity to become a marine conservationist and make meaningful contributions to marine conservation research and coastal community work.

A marine conservation model that works

Since 2003 Blue Ventures have been working with volunteers to develop locally-led marine conservation initiatives in places where the ocean is vital to local cultures and economies. 

By joining an expedition as a volunteer marine conservationist in Madagascar, you’ll help in collecting key reef monitoring data, supporting alternative livelihoods and gain a deep insight into how Blue Ventures’ community conservation projects operate. You’ll also be contributing to their impact as they share learning from their locally-led marine conservation models and join them as ambassadors of this approach, helping raise awareness of the urgent need for tropical marine conservation, and a community first approach.

Volunteers are vital to the success of Blue Ventures’ marine-based projects and they are committed to delivering high quality and rewarding expeditions that benefit volunteers, host communities and the fragile marine environments where they work.

An authentic way to discover the true beauty of Madagascar

On a Madagascar expedition you will experience a unique country full of biodiversity and beauty. Highlights include:

  • Overland tour through the heart of Madagascar; taking in mesmerising national parks and wildlife.
  • Marine conservation science training from a team of experienced field scientists.
  • Underwater research dives in incredible biodiversity hotspots.
  • Connecting with the Vezo community, known as “people of the sea” for their cultural, economic and spiritual ties to the ocean waters.
  • Explore the endemic baobab and spiny forests on local excursions.
  • Weekend fun dives, community activities and hiking.
marine conservationist madagascar

A diving experience like no other

The marine research will involve diving the vibrant coral reefs of the Indian ocean twice a day, six days per week. All volunteers are trained up to PADI advanced open water certification so you are comfortable and confident to conduct underwater dive surveys. 

Their team of experienced international and local field scientists will take you through each step and teach you the skills needed to undertake successful underwater research whilst having an incredible experience.

Whether you’re new to diving, an experienced scuba diver, budding scientist or newcomer to the field of marine conservation you are welcome and able to contribute to Blue Ventures’ important marine research and conservation initiatives in Madagascar.

marine conservationist madagascar

How much does it cost?

Blue Ventures are a non-profit marine conservation charity and their main goals are to rebuild tropical fisheries and support affected coastal communities. Each volunteer pays an expedition fee that covers the costs of their expedition with the majority of this fee going back into the local economy. Costs are kept as low as possible whilst ensuring a fairness to the communities and a high-quality experience.

The expedition fee covers:

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Science/dive training
  • All diving and most of your dive gear
  • Activities and excursions
  • Overland tour

Eight week expedition:
New diver: £3750 (Approximately £465 per week)
Open Water certified: £3575
Advanced open water certified: £3425
4 and 12 week options also available – please contact if interested.

marine conservationist madagascar

How to apply

Blue Ventures keep groups small to focus on collecting accurate data and ensure a fantastic experience. To apply, simply submit a short application here and they will get back to you ASAP with the next steps.

If you have any questions you can email

This article was in partnership with Blue Ventures

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