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Volunteer abroad for less with Original Volunteers

Volunteering abroad need not be expensive. Original Volunteers offers the opportunity to take part in worthwhile projects in over 17 countries worldwide which don’t cost the earth. Projects start from as little as £12.50 in Cambodia for a 12-week stay.

Placements are available around the world, for anyone aged 17 and over, in education, sport, building, health and conservation and last from one week to three months. Personalised placements are also available for anyone wanting to gain experience in a specific field such as IT or business studies.


Volunteer in Africa on one of nine great projects on this incredible continent. For first time volunteers, Ghana and Morocco are great choices where structured group volunteering programmes ensure volunteers can step straight into worthwhile work quickly whilst enjoying a shared experience amongst a large team of like-minded volunteers. Programme fees for both programmes are £95 and £125 respectively. With budget airlines flying to Morocco for as little as £70 return and flights to Ghana starting from £360 return, these two projects are a good way for first-time volunteers on budgets to start.

For anyone who has travelled already, or is looking for a more challenging volunteer placement far off the tourist trail, our traditional volunteer placements in Africa, in Cameroon, Kenya, and Malawi, are perfect. These placements allow volunteers to create an experience which will feel unique and allow opportunities to get out of your comfort zone.

Sunrise school in Ghana

For anyone wanting a small group experience, with some structure but still off the beaten track, placements in Uganda and Tanzania bridge the gap. In Uganda, volunteers live in a small rural school tucked away in the southern foothills helping with the nursery children, repair work or teaching, as preferred. In Tanzania, volunteers choose from a variety of projects in and around the town of Iringa in central Tanzania from sports coaching to teaching at orphan schools.


Asia is probably the hottest destination at the moment, for backpacking and volunteering. It sometimes feels like everyone has been to or wants to go to Asia. As a volunteer in Asia, discover the diverse landscapes of this vibrant continent by volunteering at one of four unique projects in Cambodia, Thailand, India and Nepal. For long-stay volunteers on budgets, Cambodia is the perfect choice. A once-only contribution of £150 covers a stay of up to 12 weeks at the project and includes accommodation.

Building work in Cambodia

For budding teachers and anyone wanting some formal classroom teaching experience, volunteer in Thailand on an award-winning programme where comprehensive training and teaching materials are ready and waiting for you. Project costs are £195 for the first two weeks followed by a simple pay-as-you-go scheme where volunteers simply pay for their hostel accommodation to extend their stay without further programme fees.

Latin America

From the lofty peaks of the Andes mountains to the white beaches of the Caribbean, there is a backdrop for volunteering for everyone on this continent, whatever your preference. Volunteers wanting a more free, unstructured experience will receive a warm welcome at the children’s homes in Cuzco, Peru. As a volunteer in Peru, you can get involved with any aspect of daily life: assisting with homework, taking children out on trips, teaching English or simply giving the children your time. To date, over a thousand volunteers have helped in Cuzco, all combining their volunteering visit with some trekking on the famous mountain Inca trails which can all be booked locally after arrival for less than if pre-booked before travel. Volunteer programme fees in Peru, including accommodation, start at £95 per week. Discounts are available for visits longer than two weeks.

A day out with the boys in Peru

For sun worshippers and anyone looking for a variety of volunteer experiences in the same place, volunteers are encouraged to volunteer in Mexico in the colonial city of Merida. From soup kitchens to rural schools and women’s refuges to dog shelters, volunteers create their own personalised weekly schedule with the help of a local coordinating team and the beaches on the Caribbean coast are never far away for a guilt-free afternoon or weekend retreat.


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