sailing gap year

Why you should go sailing on your gap year

When weighing up your gap year options, sailing is something that might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it is on the up.

Of course, a beginner probably wouldn’t want to jump into a full 12 months sailing, but because it is an experience like no other, it is definitely something that they could enjoy over a decent period of their gap year time.

However, if you are unsure as to whether you want to hit the high seas, here are a few good reasons why sailing could be part of your gap year experience.

Learn some new skills for life

When you return home from your time of enriching yourself, meeting new people and learning new things, you’ll probably be one of the only people who can say that they knows their knot ties,  how to man a boat and have a legitimate excuse to shout ‘starboard!’ and know what it means, too.

There are all types of courses available, from professional fellowships to beginner’s guides, and they are sure to teach you things that the majority of the population cannot do.

sailing gap year

Get back to basics

Considering university life, future job prospects and other worries can cause anxiety, so it’s easy to see why people like to escape to the see. Instead of fretting, you can keep yourself busy in the open air and also get fit and healthy by being on the constant move.

What’s more, you will be able to meet new people and learn to work as a team – which is a lot better than slugging around the sofa, staring at your smart phone in your summer.

See some amazing sights

The great thing about sailing about is that you can move from place to place, and see a plethora of exciting attractions – and all from a different viewpoint. Imagine it: heading up to an Italian port and sampling some fresh seafood with a cool glass of white wine. Perfect. Then after, you can head to the next place, or if you really like your surroundings you can get to know it better by anchoring up for a few days.

sailing gap year

Improve your language skills

Going from country to country will also mean that you’re going to have to dive in and learn some sentences in your area’s native tongue. This shouldn’t be a worry, however, as you will be sailing with professionals who have been navigating their way across the world for years. Just bring a phrase book and try your newly acquired words out other newcomers on your trip.

Sailing can be exciting and relaxing all at once. If you haven’t considered it as an option during your gap year, maybe it’s aboat time you seas-ed the day.

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