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14 reasons why you should be a summer camp counselor

Summer work as a camp counselor will be one of the greatest experiences of your life, here’s why…

1. The bonds you make

You won’t really understand the impact you’ve had on your campers until they step onto the bus on the last day of camp. You’ve looked after these kids for the last two months, you’ve been their cool big sibling, you’ve been their best friend and you’ve been a massive part of their summer. And what you will realise in the months to come is that they’ve also been a big part of your summer camp experience. It won’t take you long to realise that being a camp counselor is more rewarding than any job you’ll ever have.

2. The lessons you learn

Every day at camp is a learning experience. Whether it’s immersing yourself in new activities or understanding other people, you will continue to grow as the summer goes on. You’re spending 2 months in a new environment, embrace the opportunities.

3. Camp friends are the best friends

The friendships you make with your fellow camp counselors will last a lifetime. You’ve shared an amazing experience together. After two months you’ll have grown closer to some amazing people and whilst some of these friends you may never see again, there will be those that you continue to connect with for the rest of your life. It’s the definition of bittersweet.

4. Counselors are just big campers

Do you remember spending your summers covered in dirt and sand and not caring what you looked like? You’ll be reminded at camp. You’ll lose your inhibitions and remember how great it is to be outdoors. It’s fun, freeing and an incredibly positive experience.

5. Camp traditions

Some camp traditions go back over a hundred years! Camp traditions are rooted in camp and they are there so you always have something to look forward to. Whether it’s choosing a theme for your bunk, a campfire with s’mores or a late-night pool party, you will never want to miss out on the classics.

6. It’s the best job you’ll ever have

The best thing about camp is that it never feels like work. It’s not always easy and there are times you’ll want to spend a day catching up on sleep but you wouldn’t change it for the world. You’ll get to spend all day hanging out with your group, trying new activities, enjoying the sunshine and eating your body weight in food each day.

7. The tan

After spending up to four months in America, even your tan will have a tan.

8. The camp bubble

You become disconnected from technology, social media and the outside world. Instead, you form meaningful relationships, connect and have the best conversations with so many different people (but don’t get us wrong, your Instagram will still look awesome by the end of the summer).

9. ‘This one time, at summer camp…’

All your stories will start to begin with, ‘This one time, at summer camp…’ and they will be your best ever memories.

10. Days off rock

You get days off at summer camp each week. You’ll be able to visit local towns and attractions, go camping, cliff diving, head out, eat, sleep and hang out with a bunch of cool people.

11. Try new things

You’ll have free time so you can choose to spend this relaxing or you can use this time to join different groups and activities. Ever wanted to climb the rock wall, attempt the leap of faith or take a paddleboard out onto the lake? Well, you can! You have two months to push yourself.

12. The food

Okay, maybe by the last week of camp you’ll not want another pancake ever again, but during the first eight weeks, you’ll be enjoying hot dogs, grilled chicken, barbeque cookouts, all-you-can-eat wings and more… oh, there are healthy options too, but that doesn’t sound as fun!

13. Travel

When summer camp ends, the travel adventure begins. On the J-1 Visa, you’ll have up to a month after camp to travel America, you’ll be able to road-trip with your friends at camp or book onto a Camp Leaders TrekAmerica tour and discover the best of America.

14. You’ll never be the same again

Camp changes you in so many ways. You’ll never be the same after.

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This article was written in partnership with Smaller Earth

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