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Get paid to travel the world as a scuba diving instructor

As a PADI professional, you’ll travel to different destinations and teach people to how to scuba dive as a scuba diving instructor. Some instructors spend the season in a particular location and some teach scuba diving part-time on weekends—but it’s a career that has so many different aspects to it and enables you to fulfill your dream of traveling the World.

Teaching people to scuba dive can be challenging but offers a high level of satisfaction. There are so many wonderful encounters, diverse cultures and people from all walks of life who want to share the experience with you. It’s a way of life and an opportunity  to explore, discover and enjoy the marine life.

Being a PADI Pro, you get to teach people to scuba dive not only in local waters, but also in exclusive and foreign destinations. You will find that you select your vacation destinations in view of good diving locations and looking for specific marine life or unique underwater topography. With PADI® being the world’s largest training agency, your certification is recognised worldwide and once you have completed your instructor course, you can even register and find a job in a location that suits you.

Your first steps introduce you into the 18m depths with the PADI Open Water Diver course. It’s a gradual process with step by step training. Once the PADI Open Water course is completed, you are able to dive with a dive buddy independently and can pace your training at your own speed. If you decide you want to carry on, then the PADI Advanced Open Water course awaits you.

Learn to dive now—find a dive centre near you!

The easiest way to know if you will enjoy diving is to try it! With the PADI eLearning you get to do just that.

You start your theory online and do your confined water dives in the nearest dive centre with pool facilities. Students learn how to breathe and fin underwater, as well as various other skills that increase the confidence level and help you get accustomed to the new environment and weightlessness. Now comes the exciting part, the Open Water dives when you arrive in your vacation destination…

From crystal clear lakes nestled in the Alps to numerous World War II wrecks in the Baltic Sea, Germany is a surprising cornucopia of dive opportuntities for intrepid scuba diving travellers. With a population of more than 80 million and covering 137,500 square miles of central Europe, Germany is a major European economic and political force. There is a great deal to do, from exploring the many metropolitan city centres and attending the world’s largest festival, Oktoberfest, to wandering through the Bavarian Forest National Park and mud hiking the UNESCO biosphere reserve of the Wadden Sea.

Find out more about the different dive locations in Europe

From a scuba diver’s point of view, what stands out is that no matter where you are or what you are doing, there is likely to be an underwater adventure close by. The dive sites are located in various regions in Germany from North to South, ranging from wrecks close to Kiel in the Baltic sea to lakes in the swiss alps. The Sundhäuser See in Nordhausen (east Germany) is a sunken city, complete with church, the Charlotte wreck and an underwater graveyard. The Kulkwitzer See, a lake near Leipzig, boasts with a shallow dive suitable for all divers and with an abundance of Pike and large perch fish as well as freshwater eels and crayfish, which come out at night. Brace yourself though! Temperatures range between 2° C to 20° C on the surface… in summer.

No matter where you chose to go to, visit and chose from Thailand to the Maldives, from Egypt to South Africa. Wherever there is water, there are stunning locations with incredible diving. Crystal clear water with the chance of seeing large pelagics or smaller sea horses nestled amongst the see grass, small nudribranches in their different color variations and forms from flatworms to more advanced species; this is the underwater world and the experiences that you‘ll enjoy. 

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Thailand is an amazing mecca for scuba diving and offers a breathtaking underwater world. Take a look to see what is in store!

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