Travel the world by TEFL!

Everyone knows that travelling is amazing but travelling TEFL-style is even better! “Why?!” …we hear you ask. Not only will travel through TEFL take you to breath-taking locations, but it will introduce you to brilliant new mates and give you memories you’ll never forget.

Interested in teaching English abroad!? Great! Let’s go over the 3 little steps you need to take before taking that big leap abroad!

1. What is TEFL and where do I start?

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is all about exploring the world while learning new skills and getting useful experience for ‘real life’. Before you head off on your TEFL adventure, you’ll need to get TEFL qualified.

Getting qualified is simple, don’t worry—it’s nothing like school. Your course gives you 120 hours of TEFL training where you’ll learn the basics of teaching and gain all the skills you need to teach across the globe. It’s all done online, so you can fit the course around your lifestyle (not the other way around) and study from any device, anywhere in the world!

Gain experiences you will never forget

2. Where can I go?

Once you’re qualified, the door opens to a world of possibilities! You could be living and teaching beside the lush beaches & historic temples of South East Asia, the wild plains of South Africa, or immersed in the vibrant culture of India. With TEFL, there really is something for everyone.

LoveTEFL offer more destinations than any other TEFL provider. This year sees the launch of the new Epic India Explorer, the Ultimate Thailand Adventure, and the action-packed Venezuela Explorer, each incorporating the fun of travel with the experience of teaching!

If you’re still unsure, why not read country guides and review blogs from TEFL teachers as well as travellers who have spent time in your preferred country.

One of LoveTefl’s teachers at work

3. Prep time!

Once you’ve decided where you’d like to go and have your qualification at your disposal it’s time to start getting ready to go! Start looking into the crucial matters first—for example you’ll need to tick these off immediately:

  • Is your passport valid?
  • What’s the travel visa application process? (LoveTEFL will point you in the right direction)
  • What vaccinations are compulsory or advisable for your destination?

Next comes the hands-on, exciting stuff, have you a suitable travel bag? It should be sturdy and practical! If you’re hoping to explore your new destination, you’ll definitely need some good footwear, we recommend light and durable (especially if you’re in a tropical climate). And to go with the footwear, don’t forget some appropriate clothing.

And—this is a big one—you’ll need a camera to capture all those experiences, so if you’re partying in Koh Phangan or abseiling down Table Mountain, you’ll have loads of pics to show your family when you arrive home… if you ever come home, that is!

Visit www.lovetefl.com for more information about courses, TEFL Internships and TEFL Adventure travel deals. You can also take the LoveTEFL Quiz and discover what kind of traveller you really are… Discover how you could be jetting off to your dream location armed with a TEFL course and memorable experiences ahead of you!

Experience more than a classroom

Good luck budding TEFL traveller! 

This article was in partnership with LoveTEFL

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