work ski season

Work the winter ski season on your gap year

As we approach the upcoming ski season in Europe, many resorts will be on the lookout for temporary staff to work there for the season and fill an assortment of roles. Some of these positions available are perfect for those looking to work whilst on a gap year, as well as leisure time to have an enjoyable experience. Here is a run-through of the sort of jobs that one can acquire during this period.

Resort Receptionist

If you’ve had any experience answering calls and organising important dates into a diary before, you’re definitely in good stead to acquire a job as a receptionist in a chalet. Other duties will involve meeting and greeting customers, answering general queries on the phone, via email or face-to-face and generally assisting the manager.

work ski season

Resort Cook

Whether you’re inexperienced or have some cookery qualifications, you will be able to find a place in a hotel or chalet’s kitchen. Such tasks as potato peeling or vegetable chopping will be the day-to-day of a novice, whereas preparing meals will be the duty of an experience chef. The one skill need in this field is team work, as kitchens require unity in order for them run smoothly.

work ski season

Resort Bartender

Bar work is very easy to come by in the UK, so if you haven’t done it before, then you will be able to prepare for this line of work should you want to apply for it at a skiing resort. Responsibilities will generally revolve around prepping cocktails, pouring pints (keep in mind European heads are the norm), making an array of coffees, ensuring the bar is as clean as possible and perhaps some waiting. A friendly and courteous disposition wouldn’t hurt your chances of getting hired, too.

Spa Attendant

After a long day skiing, many customers enjoy some downtime in the chalet spa. The duties that are generally asked of attendants within this area will involve stock replenishing (towels etc) making certain the locker rooms, saunas and gyms are as clean as they can be and just making sure that customers are satisfied.

Chalet Host

The job of the chalet host is perhaps the most diverse, which is great for people who get fed up of doing the same thing. The most common tasks of the chalet host will do are: general cleaning (hovering, wiping down tables), serving out food to customers in the restaurant, changing bed linens so they’re ready for the next occupants and answering to the head manager.

work ski season

Why should you work a ski season on your gap year?

Working during ski season can be hectic, but as long as you find a rhythm and get on with other staff members you should be able to have a memorable time. Furthermore, there are many resorts that only require one works in the morning and evening, so you can have the middle of the day to yourself. This could involve skiing, snowboarding or any other activity based at the resort.

One final tip: it’s always good to know a second language If you’re working in Europe, such as French, Spanish or German. It will improve your chance of employability greatly.

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